Randolph Garage Door Repair Broken Spring

Randolph Garage Door repair

Whether you have broken extension or torsion springs on your garage door, you need to have them replaced quickly. Why the urgency? The springs are responsible for lifting the door, and if they are broken, it's only a matter of time before the door fails to open completely.

Getting your car trapped inside your garage or stuck outside is a big hassle you want to avoid. Also, a broken spring can cause the door to collapse. A collapsing 200-pound garage door will cause damage to whatever it lands on and grave injury if it falls on you or a family member. The risks are simply too great to neglect. Do you need help with a Randolph garage door broken spring repair? We will fix it fast!

We Follow Industry Best Practices


1. Both springs will be replaced. Two torsion springs are normally installed on garage doors. We recommend both springs be replaced even only one is broken to prevent future inconvenience and damage to the garage door opener. This industry best practice also ensures safety.

2. The right springs will be used. We install only the proper springs that match the weight of your door. To verify their work, our technicians will perform a balance test.

3. Standard safety inspection will be done. With each spring replacement job, our technician performs a safety inspection to ensure the door's hardware and all moving parts meet safety standards and are in proper working condition.

When you call us for Randolph garage door broken spring repair, we will be sure to take care of the problem as safely and quickly as possible. Call now!


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